What is Jetintelligence toner technology?
By Simon Williams - 22nd Jul 2019

Printer technology is changing rapidly for the better. Whether you’re looking for better performance, greater efficiency or sharper quality, JetIntelligence toner is the answer you have been looking for. HP, in conjunction with Canon, has developed one of the most advanced printer technologies on the market. Not sure what JetIntelligence toner technology is? Let’s explore this revolutionary innovation in a bit more detail.

In a nutshell

JetIntelligence, in short, is an exclusive bundle of features for enhancing the output of your printing. The features include precision proprietary toner formulations, page maximiser technology, print gauge technology, anti-fraud technology, auto seal removal and easy installation. Put it all together and you have a professional technology system that will ensure high-quality, efficient printing on every page. Each element provides superior performance that can make a real impact on your printing.

Toner technolog

The three proprietary toner formulations that JetIntelligence includes are the Precision black ground toner, EcoSmart black toner and the ColorSphere 3 toner. Each offers innovative solutions that will improve not only your printing but the efficiency and life of each cartridge. The toner technology has been specifically designed to reduce energy usage on every page, which means your toner will last longer without compromising the quality of your printing.

More out, the same in

JetIntelligence technology not only utilises innovative toner design but implements page maximiser technology to improve the output without compromising on design. The maximiser technology through the JetIntelligence system utilises smaller, more robust components to drive improved performance. These features coupled with the design improvements for the toners, mean you get a higher yield without increasing costs or resources.

A printing assistant

It can be very frustrating when you are preparing for a big presentation and get the printer to collect your presentation - only to discover the toner is empty. That is a thing of the past with the JetIntelligence system, thanks to print gauge technology. The print gauge feature is an exec’s best friend. The printer will logically predict the life of the cartridges by gathering various data points with refined algorithms to produce a gauge you can trust. From print history, temperature to component rotations, the new gauge technology makes scheduling much easier.

Safety first

One of the exclusive innovations of the JetIntelligence system is its anti-fraud technology. If you have ever wondered if you’ve been sold a counterfeit or used cartridge, then the anti-fraud feature will be a big benefit for your printing. This technology works by authenticating the cartridges and notifying if the cartridge is counterfeit or used. This helps avoid any potential damage to your prints or your printer. You can even link cartridges to a specific device to help avoid any potential theft.

Easy install

With the development of an auto seal removal, the JetIntelligence system makes installing cartridges a simple, smooth and quick process for anyone. This auto-seal innovation means the removal of the protective slip is done for you, so installation is as easy as placing the cartridge in the printer.

The JetIntelligence system is an innovative step towards the future of printing. From anti-fraud measure to dynamic toner designs, this new system is light years ahead of its time and will change the way your business views printing.

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