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Recycle empty printer cartridges free with CartridgesDirect.

Help us to protect the earth by recycling used printer cartridges with our free printer cartridge recycling program.

how it works

How our free printer cartridge recycling program works

We’re on a mission to ensure that 100% of all supplied printer cartridges go through the preferred recycling process. When you purchase ink cartridges from CartridgesDirect, we will supply you with a free printer cartridge recycling return label. Simply collect at least 8 empty ink cartridges and drop them off at your nearest Australia Post roadside mailbox. It’s totally free and as simple as that. Once received by Close The Loop, all recycled printer cartridges will be processed through the preferred recycling process.

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Buy new cartridges

Buy printer cartridges from our website to receive your free recycling return label.

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Load empty cartridges

Collect a minimum of 8 empty ink cartridges before you send for recycling.

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Find nearest postbox

Find your nearest Australia post parcel roadside parcel drop using the QR code above.

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Recycle cartridges free

Drop off your empty inkjet cartridges free of charge and repeat the process. It's that simple!

Help us ensure 100% of all printer cartridges are recycled.

Approximately, 25 million printer cartridges are purchased across Australia each year. Unfortunately, 70% of empty ink cartridges are dumped into landfill which takes anywhere between 400-1000 years to decompose. Through purchasing and recycling genuine ink cartridges from CartridgesDirect, you are helping us ensure that 100% of all supplied printer cartridges are processed ethically through the appropriate channels. The mission is big and we need your support.

Free ink cartridge recycling - The missing component of closing the loop.

We launched our free ink cartridge recycling program due to a significant gap in the market. If you are in an office of any kind and use 3 or more toner cartridges, recycling is simple with a free collection box. However, for the home user, the only solution is to store away empty ink cartridges in your top draw until the day arrives that you can go to the appropriate recycling locations. Now, empty cartridge recycling is simple with a free post satchel that can be dropped off at any parcel roadside drop through Australia post.

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environmental impact

How does our printer cartridge recycle program benefit the earth?

Today, conversations are heavily focussed on recycling. Whilst primary emphasis is placed on recycling packaging, attention should also be turned to the reapplication of materials from cartridge recycling. Printer toners and cartridges are made up of fine plastic particles, carbon and colouring agents. All of which is difficult for mother nature to naturally degrade. With as much as 97% of empty printer cartridges suitable for recycling to create new and innovative products, you can really make a difference.

Through your support, for every 100,000 printer cartridges that are recycled, we can cleanse the earth of the following:

Reusable Plastic Icon
reusable plastic
40 tons
Oil Recycling Icon
saved oil
1M litres
Aluminium Recycling Icon
reusable aluminum
9,569 kgs
Co2 Icon
Co2 emissions
862M kgs

we’re proud

Supporters of PlanetArk

We're proud to support Cartridges 4 Planet Ark in our goal of reducing the damage to the environment. By participating in our free printer cartridge recycling program, you can support too. Cartridges4Planet Ark is the collection agency for the ethical recycling of printer cartridges. All cartridges returned through this program are returned to Close the Loop. Once returned, printer cartridges are stripped down to their base components before being shredded.

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Why Recycle Ink Cartridges

Why Recycle Ink?

Why Recycle Ink?

Still unsure why you should recycle ink cartridges? Take a look at this comprehensive article on the reasons why.

Ink Cartridge Recycling Tips

Recycling Tips

Recycling Tips

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HP Sustainability

HP Sustainability

HP Sustainability

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frequently asked

Frequently asked printer cartridge recycling questions

Still have questions about our free printer cartridge recycling program? No problem. Take a look below at the most commonly asked questions regarding our program, the environmental benefits and where printer cartridges go after being recycled. Alternatively, you can speak to us via live chat or head on over to our recycling blog to find out more information.

What happens to printer cartridges once recycled?
Up to 97% of all printer cartridges can be broken down and used for other materials. A good example of this is that local state governments use certain parts of printer cartridges to build and repair your local roads.
What types of printer cartridges can be recycled?
All genuine (OEM) ink cartridges that have been purchased through CartridgesDirect. Should you have 3 or more toner cartridges each month, you can also arrange for a free of charge collection box from Cartridges 4 Planet Ark. If you have purchased non-geniune ink cartridges, these cannot be recycled.
Is it better to refill or recycle printer cartridges?
While reusing printer cartridges will generate less waste, they can only be refilled two or three times and therefore you will end up having to recycle your printer cartridges regardless. Once you have exhausted the number of times you have refilled your cartridges, be sure to recycle them through the appropriate channels when they reach end of life.
Why do I have to return at least 8 printer cartridges?
Doing the right thing also has costs associated to it. When you collect as many empty inkjet cartridges as possible and return them all at once you are offsetting the resources it takes to return these.
Why can I not recycle non-genuine ink cartriges?
Disappointingly, manufacturers of non-genuine cartridges do not invest in the ethical disposal of their products and therefore do not receive the same benefits. We recommend that you always purchase genuine ink cartridges from reputable suppliers.

Talk to us about our printer cartridge recycling program.

Questions about cartridge recycling and how to ethically recycle empty printer ink cartridges? Get in touch to speak with our expert recycling team to find out more about our free cartridge recycle program.

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