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Why buy Genuine HP Ink Cartridges

Print Twice as Much!

Compare the two, refills and genuine HP ink. Sure the refills cost less up front but do they really deliver what you're paying for? Independent research confirm that genuine HP inks out perform most generic brand ink cartridges.

> Get twice as many prints with genuine HP ink than most generic brand inks > 1 in 4 generic brand inks failed when first installed in the printer

This is why Cartridges Direct ONLY delivers HP genuine inks each and every time.

The choice is yours!

HP understands that all printing needs differ from person to person. This is why HP offers plenty of choice to match your printing style. To help make these choices look out for the three distinct colour boxes: 

Blue:Standard printing, for the customer who only prints from time to time.
Green: The value cartridges, designed with the customer in mind who prints more often.
Red:Specialty cartridges. Cartridges that are designed purely for photo printing which deliver crisp, clean and beautiful colours each and every time.


HP genuine inks are designed and manufactured as a part of the complete printing process so when you install a cartridge you can rest assure that are getting the best each and every time. How do they do it? All HP inks are extensively researched before they are developed to form a part of HP's system of printers, inks and papers


We all know that what ever we do in life we now leave a foot print on the earth and with that in mind we all need to be a part of the solution and not a part of the cause. Since August 2009 HP has collected more than 159.5 million ink cartridges, which equates to 6.8 million kilograms of cartridges since HP planet partners started in 1997. Read more about our stance on the environment here