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Expand your horizons with a sublimation printer that will enable you to print on almost any application! From baseball caps to coffee mugs, mousepads to sportswear, our range of sublimation printers enable crazy amounts versatility and ensure quality printouts, every time. Shop sublimation printers online now and get free shipping when you spend over $75 or more! The possibilities are endless with our range of premium sublimation printers available to buy online. We also stock compatible sublimation ink that will 100% work with your sublimation printer and deliver high quality outputs with every print. If you have any questions regarding sublimation printers or our stocked sublimation printing goods, do not hesitate to reach out to our team today. Now, scroll on down to view our sublimation printing products below.

What Are Sublimation Printers?

Sublimation printers are a common printing method used by numerous companies and artists in which ink is heated to create a dry, powder-like print. The printers are also known as heat transfer machines. As the printer heats up the paper and ink, they move on to rollers that transfer the heat onto cooling plates so that the ink can be suspended in the air. Sublimation printers can either use plate coating or thermal imaging technology for creating printed materials with vibrant colours. This is mostly because of what's used on the plates.

With our range of quality sublimation printers, you can print a wide range of items such as paper, ceramics and leather. You can use this printing method to create images or texts using inks that are resistant to water, fading and smudging. This technology has become very popular amongst artists and merchandising businesses because of the many mediums it can be used upon. The main benefits of using this process are that you can create print mediums that require no support, will not fade or run when exposed to water and your printed product will last much longer than other media types.

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