What Impact Does Recycling your Cartridges have on the Environment?
By Simon Williams - 7th Feb 2017

We live in a society where we often think about the easiest way to dispose of our wastage, without really thinking about its impact on the environment. The items we throw away end up in a landfill, which has massively negative effects on our environment. Thankfully, recycling schemes have now changed the way we think about throwing our rubbish away, and this is extended to printer accessories like printer cartridges. However, some people may still not be aware of just how easy and convenient it is to recycle, instead opting to just throw things away in their normal bin.

Cartridges can take anywhere between 400 and 1000 years to decompose in a landfill. This can be incredibly hazardous for the environment, as it means our landfills are overflowing. In Australia more than 25 million ink cartridges end up in the landfills every year. This is not only causing a pollutant for the environment, but it’s also wasting our non-renewable resources. So, recycling your ink cartridges is really the wisest choice when it comes to doing your bit for the environment.

Here, Cartridges Direct take a look at the reasons as to why it’s necessary to start recycling your ink cartridges!

Reducing waste

By recycling our ink cartridges, instead of throwing them in the landfill, we help to reduce the amount of waste material that damages our environment. The materials can contribute to toxic waste caused by the industrial world, so it’s important that our landfills are reduced through the concept of recycling!

85% of ink cartridges end up in the landfill, meaning a mere 15% are ethically recycled. This is something we are hoping to change in the coming years.

Easy process

Recycling your ink cartridges has been made easier than ever to deal with. When you buy ink cartridges from Cartridges Direct, you can also receive a pre-paid satchel. Once you have filled the satchel with your empty ink cartridges, you simply drop it into any mailbox!

By participating in this scheme, you are actively reducing the impact on the environment. You are able to recycle both ink and toner cartridges.

Saving resources

Recycling your ink cartridges means that the materials can be used to make other products, instead of producing and using brand new material to make the things we use everyday. It actually takes 80% less energy to make items from recycled cartridge plastic. This can, in turn, reduce energy consumption and save resources.

All components of cartridges can be recycled, including toner powder, metal and plastic. This is something not everyone may know!

Doing your bit for the environment is incredibly important, and it can have a positive impact on your community and the town around you. Keeping the world a safer and cleaner place to live, a small gesture such as recycling can make a huge difference in the years to come.

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