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Price Match Promise¹

We say no to confusing price match guarantees.

Our price match guarantee is simple. Find an identical ‘’in-stock’’ product online and we’ll match this price along with all the other benefits you receive by shopping with us. If you have found a lower priced identical item that’s in stock with both CartridgesDirect and a competitor get in touch today.

How our price matching works?

No need to visit our warehouse. Just follow the steps below and we’ll contact you to discuss your custom price.

Step 1

Let us know about a cheaper ‘’in stock’’ identical product elsewhere online via the contact form below.

Step 2

Grab a coffee and put your feet up. Our printing experts will email you soon with your price match and instructions.

Step 3

Now you have an approved price match, simply login to your account, approve the price and we’ll ship your items!

Get your price match quote.

What items can be price matched?

Our price match guarantee applies to all identical products that are stocked at CartridgesDirect, in stock on the competitors website and not excluded from the list below.

What cannot be price matched?

Items from the list below are not included as part of our price matching promise. For all queries, please contact us via live chat to discuss with our team.

  • Cashback and coupon offers.
  • Wholesale or commercially discounted goods.
  • Stock liquidations (e.g. clearance sales).
  • Promotional sales/discounts.