What Is Wrong With Compatible Ink Cartridges?
By Simon Williams - 11th Feb 2021

An Ethical Solution To Compatible Ink From CartridgesDirect

At CartridgesDirect, we have not been quiet about our thoughts and environmental concerns surrounding generic ink cartridges. In fact, back in 2017, we wrote an article on genuine vs compatible ink cartridges that completely slammed the notion. In the majority, counterfeit ink cartridges are made unethically and discarded the same way; failing to observe the correct recycling standards for a number of reasons. Of course, there are some customers who need to continue printing but cannot commit to brand-name prices, and so generic ink cartridges exist to serve this market.

The combination of market demand and a desire to see every ink cartridge safely reaching a sustainable end life is what inspired CartridgesDirect to research, source and launch our compatible and recyclable ink cartridge range for our customers. It's a huge win for everyone.

Let’s shed a spotlight on why this initiative was lacking in the print industry, and how you can use our compatible ink cartridges without causing negative environmental impacts.

What drove this initiative and what’s the lifecycle of generic ink cartridges?

With no brand name attached to generic ink cartridges, there is, unfortunately, no responsibility assigned to ensuring generic ink cartridges are wasted correctly. This has been our biggest criticism of non-brand ink cartridges with their usage falling between the cracks of the many innovative recycling programs that have been pioneered by HP, Epson, and all major printing brands. Close The Loop also actively work with these major manufacturers, while their generic counterparts head straight for the landfill.

Generic ink cartridges entering landfill threatens our community in a number of ways. Cartridges are made from toxic chemicals and lead that can infiltrate our soil, waterways and our precious community. It also means that these valuable metals and materials are not being recycled and have to be sourced new, needlessly eating into our virgin materials and resources. Click here to find out more about how every ink cartridge we recycle benefits the environment.

How have CartridgesDirect addressed this issue?

Big brand manufacturers have not risen to the challenge of accepting generic ink cartridges and including them in their waste programs. As such, CartridgesDirect decided to address this issue ourselves. Since 2020, when you order ink cartridges through our website, you will also receive a free postage satchel to deposit your used ink cartridges and drop the satchel off at your nearest post box. This also includes compatible ink cartridges which have never been spoken for, prior to this program. From here, Close The Loop will receive these ink cartridges and make sure they are put back to work through the circular economy.

Progress comes at a price, and CartridgesDirect has committed to cover the costs of Australia's first program which collects both brand name and compatible ink cartridges. Now, when you order compatible ink cartridges from our website, expect to find a free postage satchel for you to place eight used cartridges in when they are used and ready to continue their lifecycle.

What to expect from our new range of compatible ink cartridges

One of our most frequently asked questions over the years have been about whether we would introduce a compatible ink cartridge that could be offered at a more affordable rate. Not satisfied with the options in the market, we resisted this product line as we could not stand behind it 100% like we can with our existing products on the website. Now, after rigorous testing and research, we have sourced some compatible ink cartridges that are ready to be shipped out to students, small business’, and anyone who is needing to reduce their printing costs.

When you order your compatible ink cartridges, you will find ink that is compatible with the printer model you have selected (like Canon, for example), designed to produce accurate colour and great print results. You will find a range of ink cartridges across each brand so make sure you select the correct compatible ink cartridge. Unfortunately, there have been a number of poor providers selling generic ink cartridges, and so it is important that we separate fact from fiction and communicate that this selection is a safe option and adequate alternative to brand name ink cartridges.

Shop our new range of compatible ink cartridges today and keep an eye out for your postage satchel so that you can join us in closing the loop in printing waste and get our cartridges back on the production line to be recycled.

Not sure if the compatible ink cartridges are right for your needs? Contact our team today!

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