High Yield Ink Vs Standard: Why Choose High Yield Ink?
By Simon Williams - 30th Oct 2023

You may have noticed that your printer is compatible with two different types of ink cartridges: a standard size, and a size marked ‘XL’. The ‘XL’ alongside the cartridge model number is actually there to signify that it’s a high yield variant of your standard-sized ink cartridge.

This essentially means that your XL ink cartridge is going to possess a larger amount of ink than any standard ink cartridge, and can thus deliver a higher page yield per cartridge.

In this short guide, we’ll be comparing the differences between high yield vs standard ink cartridges and exploring the benefits between the two. Scroll down to learn everything there is to know about these two types of ink cartridges, as well as how best to unearth whether making this swap will suit your personal printing needs.

Extending the shelf life of your printer cartridges

High yield cartridges can be a fantastic way of ensuring your printer cartridge supply goes a lot further than it may currently be trekking. Depending on your printing habits next to your calculated overall printing costs, high yield cartridges may be just what you and your organisation need to keep restocking to a minimum.

As a general rule of thumb, if you find yourself using more than two ink cartridges of the same colour within a six to eight-month period, your printing needs are considered to be frequent, and you’ll be likely to save on both shelf space and office supply funds when swapping out two standard sized cartridges to just one XL sized cartridge within that same time frame of use.

Note that not all XL cartridges made by OEMs have the same page yield, so be sure to compare the page yields provided for both your standard and high yield cartridges as well as double-checking the potential savings on your total printing costs before looking for XL cartridge bundle packs.

Saving time and money with XL ink cartridges

Naturally, buying larger cartridges will mean buying fewer cartridges overall, so you’ll be keeping your office supply numbers to a minimum throughout each financial year. Any homes or offices that are printing frequently will be likely to experience savings on an ongoing basis if they’re able to maintain their supply of XL cartridges. As you’ll likely be buying your office supplies less frequently, opting for high yield cartridges can also save you some valuable time over the span of the year too.

If you’ve purchased a brand new printer, it may also be worthwhile securing a supply of high yield cartridges from the get-go, as you’ll find that your starter cartridge - or the cartridge that comes in the box with your new printer - will be depleted quite quickly.

It’s important to note here that the rapid depletion of your starter cartridge is not a reflection of the printing capacity of standard-sized cartridges. These preliminary ‘starter’ cartridges are poised to have a lower yield than a pack of fresh standard cartridges, as the starter inks have been used by printer manufacturers in order to factory test all their printers before sending them off to retailers.

Be sure to compare page yields between a standard cartridge and an XL rather than a starter cartridge to ensure that you’re making an informed decision about whether or not opting for high yield cartridges is the right move for you and your business.

Minimising your carbon footprint

Perhaps the most substantial benefit of utilising high yield cartridges rather than standard ink cartridges is that you can decrease the carbon footprint of your home or business with ease by making this simple switch.

As XL ink cartridges can last twice as long and require less natural resources in their production over two or three standard-sized cartridges, opting for high yield variants will mean that your printing practices will become increasingly sustainable. In this regard, making the swap to high yield ink cartridges becomes a genuine no-brainer.

Are XL ink cartridges worth it?

The one drawback of high yield cartridges, however, is their premium price tag. As they hold more ink, these cartridges can often go for double the cost of standard-sized cartridges. So, it’s worth doing the math to see if these XL variants will be a valuable investment for you and your home or business.

When considering whether XL ink cartridges are worth the price, it all comes down to how often you print. While high yield ink cartridges do have a myriad of benefits, they may not be a necessary investment for those of you who use your printers quite infrequently. If you’re printing infrequently, you may find that standard-sized ink cartridges may be better suited to your printing needs based on a simple cost-benefit analysis.

Conversely, for any home office or business that is churning through cartridges, opting to switch to high-yield ink cartridges is well worth the upfront cost. By spending more upfront, you will be saving hundreds of dollars on printing costs due to the high-page yield nature. Not to mention the discounts you receive through bundle packs.

If you have any questions regarding the high yield cartridges or have general queries surrounding your printing needs, feel free to get in touch with us today. Don't forget to check out some of our other awesome printing guides and roundups of some of the best printers available today.

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