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Cartridges Direct explore the reasons why Australia ranks the fifth-worst in harmful emissions. A nation that has set a target to reduce harmful emissions by 26-28 per cent by 2030

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Taking The Focus Off The Environment...

Australia has been criticised on the global stage for lagging behind other developed, and even some developing countries in the collective action to combat global warming. Ranking fifth-worst in harmful emissions among developed countries, Australia is now in the bottom six countries in regards to pursuing sustainable policies.

Follow The Leader

There are many countries already forging ahead towards a sustainable future, leading Australia in the race to become the first 100-percent renewable country. Read on to learn how countries around the globe are shifting to renewable energy, and putting the focus back on the environment.


By 2040, Sweden aims for the entire nation to be fossil fuel free, with all energy from renewable sources.

Costa Rica

In 2015, 99% of Costa Rica’s electricity came from renewable sources.


Scotland provides enough electricity from wind power to supply all households for most of the year.


In 2015, more than a third of global renewables investments occurred in China.


Despite being a relatively cloudy country, Germany is the world leader in solar energy capacity.

United Kingdom

In 2012 40% of its electricity was generated by coal fired power stations. In 2017 that figure had dropped to a mere 7%!

Our Target

It’s more important than ever for Australians to remember our sustainability goals for the greater good of the environment. In 2016, Australia signed the Paris Agreement, a historic global climate framework.
Our target was to reduce emissions by 26-28 per cent by 2030. With Australia on the heels of other leading pioneers in the shift to sustainable energy, it’ time to ramp up our renewable energy generation and decrease our greenhouse gas emissions?

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Clean Up Your Act

70% of the estimated 25 million printer cartridges sold in Australia each year end up in landfill, taking 500-1000 years to biodegrade. This causes significant harmful effects on the environment in the process. With that said, this doesn’t have to be the case, as there are several companies leading the charge toward sustainable printing practices.

To reduce your environmental impact in the office, it is imperative to partner with socially conscious providers, such as Cartridges Direct and Original Printer Cartridge manufacturers including HP and Canon. Original Printer Cartridge manufacturers invest significant amounts of money to develop sustainable materials and partnerships with ethical recyclers. In fact, these manufacturers pay for every one of their printer cartridges to be ethically recycled, and are committed to reusing existing materials. Purchasing Original Printer Cartridges, is therefore just one simple way for Australian businesses to reduce their negative environmental impacts.

The Status Quo

Recent national polls show that the Australian public are becoming increasingly concerned about the effects of climate change, and overwhelmingly support the use of renewable energy over fossil fuels. In fact, statistics show that 81% of Australian respondents believe that the government should shift its focus to clean energy sources, even if it comes at a price to the taxpayers wallet.

Long lines of successive Australian governments have been criticised on the world stage, for falling behind their international counterparts. While there has been some recent pushes within Parliament to establish a regulatory body, these national polls suggest that by continuing to downplay environmental outcomes, the Australian government is at odds with public opinion.

A National Threat

In a recent national poll, 57 percent of Australian respondents listed climate change as "a critical threat", behind only international terrorism at 68 per cent and North Korea's nuclear program at 65 per cent. The average temperatures in Australia has risen 0.8% since the beginning of the twentieth century, a rise that has been scientifically attributed to global warming.

The impact that global warming has already had on Australia, and particularly on its agricultural industry, is significant. Australian farmers have already experienced the combined effects of the warmer temperatures, less rainfall, longer droughts and severe bushfires. Despite this level of concern, many existing and continuing corporate policies and practices, continue to have a direct impact on the Australian environment.

Cut Paper Usage-Not Trees

Carbon dioxide is a primary global warming suspect. A forest is a carbon storage area or a "sink" that can lock up as much carbon as it produces. This locking-up process stores carbon as wood, preventing it from being released into our atmosphere as a harmful greenhouse gas. Trees also provide us with oxygen, stabilize the soil, and give life and habitats to the world’s wildlife. It is therefore imperative for our forests and trees to be protected.

Despite these irrefutable facts, Australia has the fifth highest rate of land and forest clearing in the world. We clear more bush each year than poverty-stricken countries including Burma, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Nigeria and the Congo. On the global scale, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), an estimated 18 million acres (7.3 million hectares) of forest are lost each year. Nearly 35 percent of all harvested trees are used for paper. According to Clean Up Australia, the average office worker bins around 50 kg of high-grade paper a year. This is a staggering 10,000 sheets of A4.

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12 Trees Per Ton

It takes 12 trees to make one ton of 100 percent non-recycled newsprint. How does that newspaper sound now?

85,000,000 Tons

Out of the 85,000,000 Tons of paper that is used each year in America, the average household throws 13,000 pieces away.

2.4 Million CO2 Emissions

If only 500,000 cartridges were recycled, we could save over 2.4 Million KG of CO2 emissions. It’s that simple!

The Conclusion

The facts are, well, staggering. Therefore, isn’t it time that you promoted awareness about energy saving tactics and endeavoure to make your office or home an environmentally conscious workspace for the future? Partnering with Cartridges Direct and other environmentally conscious providers, is key to ensuring that Australia does its part for the global environment. Not to mention the simple things like consciously being aware of wasting paper and ink. The benefits of putting the focus back on the environment, one small step at a time, are immeasurable.

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The benefits of putting the focus back on the environment are immeasurable. Partnering with Cartridges Direct and other environmentally conscious providers, is key to ensuring your home and workplace does its part for the environment.

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